Platform "IPO MedicHotel"

  • The proliferation of health services in the international market has led the IPO to establish a platform for hotels with designated competent services.
  • The general conditions are fundamentally equal and internationally in order to obtain the certification as "IPO MedicHotel":

1. Permanent medical availability and patient management

2. On the performed therapy adapted programs of "medical wellness structure" with physio-therapeutic competent companion

3. Integration of hydrotherapeutic measures - ideally as a brine- and thermal bath

4. Permanent customized wellness- and fitness programs with supervision by certified fitness trainer

5. The specific indications and therapy-focuses on individually determined by the partner-hotel, in order to exploit the locally prevailing conditions

6. The "star categories" of the respective hotels are taken in the brand image of the certification

  • To certify the submission of the concept with the structure of medical care is required.
  • About the approval of the respective certificate decides the IPO board.
  • When changing the supply structures, the certificate "IPO MedicHotel" can be revoked by the board of the IPO.

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